Welcome to Wendy’s world full of magical fun! I am a natural psychic medium, and having seen, heard and sensed numerous Spirits I have been developing my gift for over thirty years.

I practice from my home in East Horsley, Surrey, and my aim is to provide a truly unique and magical experience when you come and visit me for a personal reading. With a dollop of compassion, a slice of honesty and a sprinkling of messages from Spirit (along with the fairy dust!), each reading is delivered with clarity and empathy. During a reading I will connect with your loved ones who have crossed over, and also Guides and Spirit linked to your energy who wish to pass on messages of love and support from the other side. I speak to clients from many countries – within the UK and as far away as Australia!

I have expertise in guidance on love and relationships as well as career paths, and as I connect to your energy on a soul level I am constantly amazed and surprised by Spirit, as I never know who will come through! I read in my summerhouse sanctuary which is situated amongst beautiful trees and surrounded by positive spiritual energy. Along with human energy I also sense animals in Spirit too, and love nothing more than spending time ghost busting!

Come and join me for a relaxed and uplifting journey through thought and feeling, and cross the veil connecting souls through passages of time. I am extremely passionate about my work, and I look forward to taking an adventure through your extraordinary life! I work only with Love and Light, and wish to provide you with insight and clarity on your life path. Come and find yourself – life is for living, so live it to the full. Are you ready to begin the rest of your wonderful journey? It truly is time!