“My reading today was a true reading. A wonderful connection so accurate, with all the ingredients you need to know. You are speaking with someone who sees, feels and hears you, and all those gathered in Spirit supporting you. Wendy knew so much about me and saw clearly what I’ve been through – a comfort in itself to have that acknowledged by my loved ones. Very happy indeed. Thank you and blessings for your gift Wendy.”  – J

“I have witnessed lots of Mediums and Psychics, but none quite as tuned into Spirit as Wendy. It was like having a telephone line to my mother and grandmother! It was good confirmation on situations that I needed clarification on.”   – M

“I could have spoken on the phone with you for hours. Very friendly, approachable and to the point – was an excellent reading. Thank you so much and I look forward to speaking to you again.”

“Hugs Wendy – my mind was put at rest. The amazing future is here and love my new partner.”

“Very good – got my great grandmother’s name in Spirit world which was comforting. Overall she is the genuine deal and very kind and compassionate. Give her a call! – Psychic Medium Surrey”  – J

“I was well and truly pleased with the reading I had with Wendy. I found her easy to chat to, and she gave me the validations and information I needed to go forward in the best possible way. I truly appreciated this reading. Thank you very much for the very helpful and interesting reading. – Mediums in Surrey Area”

“Wendy picked up so much without being told anything. Amazing, lovely lady. Will be in touch again. Thank you. – Psychic Readings Surrey”  – C

“Best reading I ever had! Not because it was what I wanted to hear, but because it was what I needed to hear. Very, very insightful, honest and communicated in a very lovely way. I truly appreciated this reading – thank you!! – Mediums in Surrey”    – P

“Wendy has an amazing gift as a Psychic Medium. She has done many readings for me which have been comforting and uplifting, with such accurate clarity and guidance. She always manages to provide messages from my relatives who have crossed over, including my mum, grandmother and a pet cat! I would highly recommend her- you won’t be disappointed, and will feel a calmness and contentment afterwards. Psychics in Surrey ” – S